Monday, February 06, 2012

The Etsy Sellers Uphill Battle

My Etsy shop is a constant work in progress. If you have an Etsy shop you know that with every challenge comes a reward. And if you have ever talked with me about my experiences using Etsy I always say, "you get out of it what you put into it." I've had my shop for 3 years now and am just coming 'round the bend to my 1000th sale. I'm elated to say the least but I also know that I have so so SO much work to do.

Right now I'm focusing on adding more items, and of course, the ever evolving challenge of cohesive photography.

For example: I'm really liking the way this photo laid out. It's slightly off center. It's not exactly white on white. Yet, the item stands out. 

My husband and I always talk about the difference between men and women and how they tackle photography. We are both photographers and have very different approaches. We always say that (usually) women work with instinct and (usually) men work with technique.

How many times do I have to ask about F-stops and Depth of Field? Many times and many more to come. Wing Young Huie, an amazing photographer in the Twin Cities once told me, "If you are going to be a photographer you'd better figure out how to use your camera." I scoffed. That's a man's point of view for you. Here are a couple of my photographs (non Etsy, non Vandalia Street Press related): 

My favorite photographs have always been these sort of drive-by shots. My landscape work, my work as an artist is "horizon meet object" photography. Photography in motion. If that makes any sense. So, I guess, yes I've learned how to use my camera. Only in a way that works for me to get the results I want. 

It's the other work - the staged objects, the flat pieces of paper that need to look like someone might actually want to buy it. It's the "I can't be confined by a tripod"
photography that I have to work on.

That is the challenge. How do I mesh instinct with technique? Answers to follow.

Please visit the beautiful photography of Wing Young Huie here.

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